Arteta And Flamini OUT! 3 Internal Solutions To Arsenal’s Defensive Midfield Problems


Everyone knows that Arsenal lack a defensive midfield that will break up play and control the tempo of the arsenal attacks. We also know that we need to buy someone in either January or the summer but whom can Arsene Wenger use in that role? Ignoring Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini, who has failed to impress repeatedly, here’s three suggestions.

1. Francis Coquelin

Only playing once this season, Coquelin hasn’t been given the opportunity to play regularly enough. Being 23 he is still inexperienced despite being sent out on loan twice. Coquelin, however is naturally a defensive midfield so wouldn’t have to adapt to the position or learn how to play football the Arsenal way. Due to the fact he has only played one senior game this year greatly lowers his chances of being a solution to Arsenal’s midfield problems because he’s severly lacking match fitness.

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