Report: Arsenal Have Found Their Replacement For Arsene Wenger


It doesn’t feel right, but it’s getting to that time where we start talking about those who could succeed Arsene Wenger and the 20 years that he’s put into the club.

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Any manager would find this a momentous task in itself, but according to an exclusive story from The Sun there are early signs of who will be running the Gunners in the near future.

The British tabloid have revealed that Eddie Howe is the man topping the list as Arsenal chiefs begin to plan for life after Wenger, who has one season to prove he can still do a job.

Howe was tipped to become the next Arsenal manager towards the end of July, but after doing some digging it looks as if The Sun believe he’s a strong contender for the position.

In their words, Howe is “being discussed in the corridors of power at the Emirates” which as we all know can mean many things, but it certainly looks as if his credentials fit the bill.

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Howe has done a marvellous job of keeping Bournemouth up last season after losing his star striker Calum Wilson so early on, and his desire to play passing football is a massive tick in the box.

Arsenal don’t want to re-brand, they don’t want drastic change and they definitely don’t want a manager with a big ego coming in to point out everything that is wrong.

That’s why Howe could be the perfect man for the job, if you look at his style of play and way that he uses man-management to get the best out of players, it’s almost like looking at a young Arsene Wenger.

However, we’ve seen this before in David Moyes, a manager that did so well with an average squad to play decent football and pick up results in the worst of times.

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But the stresses and duties that came with a big club like Manchester United was all too overwhelming for him and just one year down the line he got the boot.

The difference with Arsenal is Wenger won’t be leaving the squad in tatters, this is now a team that can work under any manager, the quality is there on the pitch, will it be on the sideline?

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