Player Ratings: Arsenal 2-1 Leicester


After a poor defeat at White Hart Lane, Arsenal returned home to host Leicester. The game finished 2-1 to the Arsenal, with some very shaky moments. These are the player ratings for the Arsenal players. Don’t agree? Rate the players yourself here.

Arsenal v Leicester City - Barclays Premier League

David Ospina (7/10)
Ospina was arguably to blame for the first goal against Tottenham, but was able to retain his place in the team. He was beaten at his near post by a very good shot for the first goal, but otherwise was performed pretty well.

Hector Bellerin (6/10)
Hector was targeted again, similar to the game against Spurs. His attacking minded play was abused by well placed passes to Mahrez, who should of really had a goal. I guess it’s an experienced mistake that he won’t make again.

Per Mertesacker (7/10)
A much much better game from the current captain. His last-ditched tackles and interceptions may have saved us 2 points, which will be crucial at the end of this season.

Laurent Koscielny (7.5/10)
His celebration says it all! After a poor defensive display vs. Tottenham, he goes down the other end and tucks in an Özil corner. He is now the leading defender in goal scoring, and had a good performance all round. Hopefully he can push on and become the Koscielny of last season.

Nacho Monreal (7.5/10)
Bar a few mishaps at the start of the game, Nacho was kept quiet, due to the focus on Hector on the opposite wing. Another solid performance by the Spaniard.

Francis Coquelin (7/10)
Coquelin has been our star man, and he played well today too. He went invisible for parts of the game due to good counters from Leicester, but he had a solid performance all round.

Tomas Rosicky (6/10)
At 34, he was still able to inject a little bit of pace into the midfield, along with stringing key passes together, including the lead up to the second goal. Once again, not a confident performance from anyone but Tomas did provide some reassurance in the park during the last few minutes.

Theo Walcott (7.5/10)
Theo was set up by a sublime pass early on in the game by Özil, but poorly executed the shot which was saved, and he probably should have scored. His first touches had also been quite poor, following his year long injury he suffered in January 2014. However, his goal to double the lead was brilliantly placed and showed the old theo back to his old form (3 goals in 3 starts)

Santi Cazorla (6.5/10)
The game was very much won in the middle of the park, and so Cazorla had a big part to play tonight. Not a stand out performance, but an all round good performance again.

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Mesut Özil (8/10)
Mesut kept to his form tonight, and he pulled off some stunning passes. His amazing attacking performance led to a lovely corner assist for Koscielny. He went missing for periods of the game, but played brilliantly throughout the game, and so far this month.

Alexis Sanchez (6.5/10)
He suffered an injury that ruled him out of the game on Saturday, and his injury was obvious during the game. After a few tackles, Alexis held his knee and Twitter called for his substitution, and they got it on the 68th minute for Olivier Giroud. A quiet game for the Chilean.


Olivier Giroud (6/10)
(On for Alexis Sanchez on the 68th Minute)
After Leicester’s goal, we became a much more defensive team, and so Giroud wasn’t able to have a clear cut chance at Mark Schwarzer in the Leicester goal.

Aaron Ramsey (6.5/10)
(On for Theo Walcott on the 72nd Minute)
He only was on the pitch for 10 minutes due to an injury, but he was able to create a few chances for Giroud. Maybe Wenger should consider him as an attacking player, rather than an holding midfielder.

Mathieu Flamini (6/10)
(On for Aaron Ramsey on the 82nd Minute)
An forced substitution due to a tackle on Ramsey. And of course the Twitter branch of Arsenal fans didn’t take this too lightly. He didn’t really have an impact on the game, and so earns a average 6.

Don’t agree? Rate the players yourself here.

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