Giroud Farce? Why Arsenal Need A World Class Striker In The Summer


I’m sick and tired of hearing Arsenal fans rave about Olivier Giroud as if he’s a top tier striker. I don’t know who you’re trying to kid, but I’m not buying it for one second.

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There’s a reason why Arsenal finish forth every year. There’s a reason why we can’t even break into the top three let alone win the league; our players aren’t good enough. And the poster boy for the average Arsenal is our French number 12.

If we look back the Arsenal of the late nineties and early noughties, do you think Ian Wright and Thierry Henry would have got into the Man United team they we battling? Damn right.

Do you think Giroud would have been anywhere near those sides? Not a chance. Now that may be an unfair question, but I have a better one.

Would Giroud get into any other current top clubs in England? No. Diego Costa, Sergio Aguero and our former friend Robin Van Persie, are all far better than our French show pony.

I do think Giroud is a good player, honestly. I just refuse to believe that he’s good enough for Arsenal. Another thing I hate is people making up roles for him to justify his selection.

I see on Twitter that people saying his ‘heading away from corners is vital’ blah blah blah. Come on! Wright and Henry were in the team to score goals. They were in the team because they could produce something out of nothing and win a game by themselves; something Giroud cannot.

Arsenal do have other strikers, Danny Welbeck got a decent run in the team but isn’t seen as the first choice by the boss. Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez are capable of playing through the middle, but it seems to be a waste to play them there.

The stadium is complete and the money is available. Let’s invest in quality, you can see from their touch and their vision that Mesit Ozil and Sanchez are world class, they’re just a level above. Pay the cash and get the quality.

This Giroud farce has gone on too long. Fans blinded by beauty has never been such an issue until now.

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