Get Him In Quick! 3 Arsenal Players To Put In Your Fantasy Team


Christmas is at an end and it’s time to start thinking about football again, not that any of us really stopped. Arsenal beat QPR yesterday and will be looking to add another 3 points to a rather pitiful tally with a win against West Ham tomorrow. For those of us who play fantasy football, here are my 3 Arsenal players you should include in your team for the game against the Hammers:


  1. Alexis Sanchez

Embed from Getty Images

The Chilean will most likely have been a consistent presence in most fantasy teams this season. He has been one of the best performers in the Premier League up to this point and is Arsenal most potent attacking threat. He had a poor game against Liverpool at the weekend and was, for the most part, ineffective. However, our entire team seemed largely ineffective during that match, so to single out Alexis alone would be unfair. He returned to top form against Queens Park Rangers yesterday though, grabbing a goal and an assist. He’s your best chance at getting some points on the board from an Arsenal player tomorrow.

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