Fantasy Football Competition – Instructions


So we are setting up a paid Fantasy Football League which will be hosted at the entry is £5 and the prizes will be decided once I can see how many have joined and the total prize money divided between the top 3 in the league.

What to do to enter

Send £5 to PayPal ID: – Make sure you send it as a ‘gift’ so PayPal can’t take a cut of it. Paypal is the best and only way to do payment so we will have to do it through them. Once this is done, email me at – telling me you have sent payment, then I will send you the league code. Don’t pass on the code to your friends because they won’t be included anyway as I will have a full list of the names who have paid, so it’s just wasting time.

For setting it up we will take a small % in admin fee’s but this will be run through everyone on my Twitter at @OliPriceBates where we will also collectively decide the individual prize amounts. For now, entry will close on August 6th – this could be extended.

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