Arsene Wenger’s (Fake) Weekly Newsletter


Bonjour, Arsenal fans!

As promised, I have something very special for you this week – my transfer shortlist.  I believe my team and I have worked extremely hard over the past few days in order to scout out players for Arsenal to sign this summer, and I can’t wait to share our findings with you all.

Sadly, my scouting missions were cut short after television cameras caught my chief scout in action while he was watching James Rodríguez play against Brazil.

It is disappointing when something like this happens, as we like to conduct our transfer business secretly as Arsenal, and video recordings like this alert clubs to our transfer targets.  Therefore, I believe it would be best to end our pursuit of James Rodríguez this summer.  It wouldn’t have worked out anyway.  Did you see how upset he was at getting knocked out of a major tournament?  He’d have to get used to that sort of thing at Arsenal.

So, without further adieu, here is the list of my transfer targets so far.  For me, they are the best players available this summer.  Enjoy:


Antoine Griezmann

Current Club: Real Sociedad

Age: Can’t grow a proper beard

Injury Record: Terrible – he rarely misses a game

French-ness: 100%

Future Manchester City Transfer Fee: £25 million


–          No one knows who he is

–          Arsenal bloggers pretend to know who he is

–          He’s actually French


–          He sometimes kicks the ball in the direction of the goal

–          Doesn’t play in Ligue 2

–          Doesn’t even play in Ligue 1 – come on!


Salomon Kalou

Current Club: Lille

Age: He was alive when this was released:

Injury Record: OK

French-ness: 0%

Future Manchester City Transfer Fee: £2 million


–          He fills a position we actually need to strengthen

–          He’s not a total waste of space

–          He’d probably say he supported Arsenal as a kid in interviews

–          He plays in Ligue 1


–          Has played in the Premier League before

–          He’s a bit old

–          He’s not French


Lucas Libbra

Current Club: Gazélec Ajaccio

Age: Unknown

Injury Record: Unknown

French-ness: Unknown

Future Manchester City Transfer Fee: £0-£100 million


–          He plays in Ligue 2

–          Literally no one knows who he is

–          He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page

–          There’s a good chance he might actually exist


–          Even I don’t know who he is

–          He might not actually be French


Abou Diaby

Current Club: Arsenal

Age: Feels like he’s been with us for an eternity

Injury Record: Excellent – he’ll probably injure himself reading this newsletter

French-ness: 100%

Manchester City would give us: A signed photo of Nasri to put on eBay


–          He’s just like a new signing

–          He’s just like a new signing

–          He’s just like a new signing

–          He’s just like a new signing

–          He’s just like a new signing


–          People actually know who he is




Current Club: It is on eBay for £143

Age: It’s done 109,233 miles

Injury Record: “normal wear and tear for a vehicle this age”

French-ness: 100%

Future Manchester City Transfer Fee: £20


–          It’s definitely French

–          It has five doors

–          Petrol, not diesel

–          Only two previous owners

–          The handbrake is currently broken, so it’d never play with that on


–          The nature of eBay could force us into a bidding war

–          A new steering rack is required

For me, this is an excellent transfer shortlist, and I will try my best to sign at least one of these players this summer.

You might be wondering why I have published this list on a website for all to see, considering how secretive I am with my transfer dealings.  Well, the answer is simple: no one reads these articles.

Don’t let us know who you’d like to sign in the comments.  No one bothers to check them.

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