Arsenal to step-up Rooney chase

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Arsenal could be about to step up their interest in signing Wayne Rooney after the player revealed he was confused and angry following David Moyes’ comments about the England striker being a back up to Robin van Persie. The comments have left Wayne feeling as valued as a squad player and he wants to be the star.

With two years left on his current deal, Manchester United officials have made it clear they would happily allow Rooney’s contract to run down. David Moyes said this last week:  “Overall, my thought on Wayne is that if for any reason we had an injury to Robin van Persie we are going to need him. I want as many options as possible.” Rooney has felt insulted by these comments and reportedly had to ask the club if the manager’s comments were real! The forward has also missed the clubs pre-season tour to Asia due to a dubiously timed injury.

To me it’s obvious. There is talk of a loyalty bonus and Manchester United appear to be forcing Rooney into jeopardising this, as it seems the only way out for the poor man is to hand in an official transfer request. I’m not saying Rooney’s injury is fake, but along with all the other controversy and comments surrounding the player, I think it could well be. David Moyes is either really inexperienced at handling top players (he is) or he’s planted those quotes purposely under instruction from United officials. He surely knew exactly what saying something like that would do to a player who already feels undervalued and unloved at the club. This loyalty bonus seems to be at the heart of everything Rooney right now. If United were truly desperate to keep him at the club the sort of noises coming out from Old Trafford would be the complete opposite to what actually has been.

Chelsea still remain favourites to sign the player, with many papers saying he is Mourinho’s number one target. We’ve all seen Geoff’s tweets saying that Rooney would be open to a move to Arsenal but still, with his huge £250,000 per-week wages at Old Trafford, some compromise would have to be reached before the player could join. You’d expect United would like to sell abroad, but Rooney would like to stay in England. If it comes down to selling to Arsenal or Chelsea, surely Chelsea would be seen as more of a threat to the Premier League title; rightly or wrongly. I’m sure you all have your own opinions on the situation and maybe all of this is just a coincidence, but come September 2nd I think it’s extremely unlikely Rooney will be at Manchester United and with all the money at Arsenal and a top class striker being a necessity, it could all just come together. A lot will depend on Luis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain – maybe Arsene wants more than one, Suarez or Rooney could play in the number 10 role.


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