Why Arsenal Must Sign Liverpool Target Before The World Cup


If we’re being pedantic (and a little bit whimsical), there are many reasons as to why Arsenal must sign Serge Aurier before the world cup. Any number of issues could arise during his time in Brazil.

He could fall victim to a group Albanians, who kidnap him and sell him into a human trafficking ring. I personally don’t have Liam Neeson’s number, so I won’t be able to get him out of that mess.

He might decide that Yaya Sanogo was on to something, and give up football in order to pursue a career as a postman.

He could be handed a magic ring by his uncle, which sends him on a journey through middle earth, battling orcs and Nazgûl in an attempt to cast the ring in to the fires of Mount… Umm… Vesuvius.

Or, alternatively, he could have a brilliant World Cup, which will attract clubs from across the world and ultimately bump his price tag up a considerable amount.

It is reported, if we sign him soon, that he would cost us in the region of £8million. That’s rather cheap for player who was named in Ligue 1’s team of the year. Yes, he is only a right back, but defenders are getting much more expensive nowadays. Just ask PSG.

If he does have a good World Cup, in today’s market it wouldn’t be surprising to see that figure rise to somewhere close to £20million. Maybe even more.

Another, more pertinent reason, is that his agent has revealed that he is in talks with Liverpool.

If this is true and we genuinely want him, we should dive in, wrap up a deal and present him as an Arsenal player within the next week. He has said in the past that he wouldn’t be able to say no to Arsenal, so why give Liverpool the chance to start chatting him up?

He’s made it obvious he wants to join, so really we have no excuse not to get him. The only reason we won’t get him is if Arsène decides he doesn’t want him, (or if a life of adventure with Gandalf and co. seems like the better option to him.)

A right back is not a luxury signing this summer. It is a must. Carl Jenkinson has said that he is ready to fill the void left by Bacary Sagna, and that confidence is good to hear. Really though, he isn’t there yet and whoever it is, there will be a right back arriving at the Emirates this summer.

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