Agent Claims 6ft 7′ Striker Has Contract Offer From Arsenal, Here’s The Reality


Before we start, no I haven’t be smoking something, but maybe Wenger has. Sky Sports are running a story with quotes from Nikola Žigić’s agent that suggest Arsenal have offered his client a contract. 

Zigic’s representative Milan Calasan told SPORT: “It is true. Wenger called me on Tuesday afternoon and told me that he wants to bring Zigic to Arsenal.

“It is clear that you cannot reject an offer like that. But Zigic is the one who must decide. He must say what he wants. But Wenger was clear, he is offering a contract until the end of the season with the option for another 12 months.

“I know that Arsenal are in a hurry, but Nikola also has offers from Turkey and Switzerland.”

So this is quite clearly b******. If Nikola had an offer from Arsenal and then clubs in Turkey and Switzerland, do you really think he’d have a choice to make? This is just stupid agent talk and he wants to get his name out there, as agents often do. He wants to remind the world that Zigic is still a free agent, and what better way to do that than get his names all over the headlines?

He turns 34 next month and Birmingham tried to release him last season. BIRMINGHAM.

I’m sure Wenger is not stupid enough to do something like this. If he did, Milan Calasan should have just been like, Arsene:

In all seriousness it doesn’t look like we’ll get a striker in. A centre back and defensive midfielder are the main targets and with less than a week left in the window, it’s hard to see a third coming. Not impossible though.

The Podolski departure appears to be off and maybe he’ll get another chance to lead the line. Not sure that’d be the right option though. I think Campbell has better hold up play, pace and experience as a lone striker. Give the Costa Rican a go against Leicester.

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