3 Players Arsenal Could Sign Using PUMA Sponsorship Deal


3. Marco Reus

Photo via Michael Kranewitter
Photo via Michael Kranewitter

Of the three this would be the least likely signing. Arsenal have been linked with Reus a few times before and we currently don’t have what I’d call an out-and-out left winger. Reus would be a class signing and one that Wenger would surely go for if he became available. However, if Reus were to leave Dortmund it’d probably be to a bigger club who can pay him higher wages and at a higher price tag as well. The PUMA deal could attract him though and the sportswear company would like a big name to join the club, to help promote PUMA further. The entourage of Germans at the club could be another pull factor, ultimately though this signing probably isn’t on the cards at this moment.

Which player out of these three would you most like to see Arsenal sign? Let us know by commenting below.

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