‘Where Would We Be Without Alexis?’: Best Arsenal Fans Tweets Of The Week


Each week I’ll be bringing you Arsenal Tweets of the Week. This is a roundup from a small selection of Arsenal-related tweets as chosen by me.

Alexis, Alexis, Alexis. Yet again you have been dominating Twitter after yesterday’s brace against the Black Cats and you certainly appear to be the only bright light for Arsenal fans at the moment – so much so that yesterday they voted you Man of the Match. Your second goal of the match officially took you into club landmark history. I’m sure you need telling that Steve Bould was the first to score for Arsenal in the EPL.

So peeps, what are your views on this Tweet? It’d be great if Arsenal could play more as a team but if the “dominant” player is helping us to get the results we so desperately need then does it really matter? Technically there is no team in Arsenal, but if there was and you could take the team out you’d still have Alexis!

These Tweets also show that it’s all about Alexis lately …

Thanks to Culann Davies (@CulannDavies) for retweeting this one. I rather suspect that if Muneeb (@GOALOTELLI) is retrospectively looking at his tweet from July 2014 he may now be thinking rather differently. So far in the EPL Raheem Sterling has scored three goals as well as notching up two assists in 733 minutes over nine games. Meanwhile, in 410 minutes played over six games Adam Lallana has scored just one goal and has zero assists (not quite sure what has happened but Lallana’s definitely not making Messi look shite this season). What about our very own Alexis who was touted as a flop? He’s scored five goals and two assists in 601 minutes played over eight games. I don’t even need to go into the metrics to show you just how wrong this tweet has turned out to be. Eat your hat Muneeb, eat your hat.

Yet again I bring up the subject of Arsenal’s season upon season injury crisis. I have no idea what the ‘bloke from Twitter’ route is, but with both Kieran Gibbs (hip) and Mikel Arteta (thigh) being substituted due to injury yesterday surely anything’s worth a try?

And here’s another witty Tweet about Arsenal’s injuries – unfortunately it’s (almost) scarily true!

That’s all for this week. Let’s hope the forthcoming week will bring more Alexis Arsenal-related Tweets to the forefront. In the meantime I probably won’t be singing ‘We gonna rock down to Alexis Avenue, and he make the score go higher.’

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