Wenger’s Succesor Is Already In Place, But Is He Good Enough For The Fans?


Arsenal have already planned for life after Arsene Wenger, with Steve Bould set to be his successor – according to The Mirror.

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The report comes from back in June, where reports suggested Bould had been impressing as Wenger’s number 2 and was on track to be his successor. It says Bould would replace Wenger on the expiry of the Frenchman’s contract, which ends in 2017. If results continue in this manner though, Bould’s time in the limelight may come quicker than expected.

Apart from a little Twitter rumour, there hasn’t been anything to suggest Bould is no longer impressing Wenger. So it looks like he will be the clubs new manager, when Wenger does eventually leave.

But is Bould good enough to satisfy the fans? I’m sure we’d see more focus on the defensive side of Arsenal’s game and perhaps a marked improvement. He has the experience at the club, which is good – but he has no top level managerial experience. I’m sure he’d need time to adapt, and it would be a bit of a shock to suddenly have all the power.

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There is no real way of knowing whether Bould would be up to the task of managing Arsenal, but to have been selected as the assistant and to be impressing people high up in the club, he clearly has something about him.

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Would you like to see Bould as the new manager of Arsenal when Arsene Wenger’s time is up? Let us know by commenting below.

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