‘Wenger Is Incompetent’: Arsenal Fans React To Hull Disappointment


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly … though I’ll leave you to decide which is which.

I wasn’t able to watch a live stream of the match today but from what I’ve seen on Twitter I didn’t miss much and there wasn’t much good to be said about it. It would appear that bad refereeing was the order of the day and Arsenal’s bad play has got fans questioning Arsene Wenger’s position on Twitter all over again. Are you in the “Wenger Out” or “Wenger In” brigade?

Although there’s not a lot of love for Wenger at the moment there seems it’s not all on a downer: we do have Aléxis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck scoring goals for us, the former assisting the latter in Arsenal’s extra-time equaliser. Probably our best buys during the transfer window. But who would’ve thought that in 8 games played this season we’d only have grabbed 11 points so far? We’re definitely losing sight of our favoured fourth place!

So what does everyone think about Hull City’s equaliser? Was it caused by a bad refereeing decision or am I going to have to wait and find out on Match of the Day tonight?

And finally, a bit of calm. I hope I’m not in for some stick from self same @adamparsons70. After all, I don’t proclaim to be an Arsenal or Twitter expert, just an Arsenal fan.