‘We Will Sign At Least One Player’: Wenger Promises January Signings


Arsene Wenger has promised Arsenal fans at least one January signing, as the Gunners look desperately short in defence and midfield. It seems at least a centre-back will be on the way..

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“I would like to remind you that to buy football players is not to go into a supermarket and just say: ‘I want to buy a right-back or a centre-back,’” Wenger said. “It’s to find the right quality. If you go out tomorrow, you will see that everybody looks for the same positions everywhere. It’s not as simple as it looks.

“In January, it is even more difficult because players are even less available than in June or July. But we will try to be creative and have one or two good ideas.”

Although Wenger did hint that players could return in January, which is something that Arsenal fans fear as an excuse. If they come back, others will get injured in February.

“January might be a month when we have nearly everybody back because Koscielny is back in the squad and Debuchy will be back, I think, in two weeks,” Wenger said. “We have gone through a period where we are very short but we discovered as well that players have learnt their job well in the centre-back position, like [Nacho] Monreal. He is doing very well now. In January we will, of course, try to get at least one body in.

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The fact is Arsenal need to add to the squad, and the fact that Wenger admitted we needed to get at least one body in shows that he has finally acknowledged that. It’s one thing acknowledging it, but it’s another to actually go out and sign a player of the right calibre. Hopefully Wenger does that in January:

“We do our job as always. This season we bought five players who are all top quality so I think we have done really well on the transfer market and we try to repeat that in January.”

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