Unbelievable! Full Extent Of Arsenal Midfielder’s Injury Record


The Daily Mail has today revealed the full extent of Abou Diaby’s injuries at Arsenal- and it is ridiculous to say the least.

After arriving in 2006, Abou Diaby has had more than his fair share of injuries during his time in North London but is the club’s longest serving player behind Theo Walcott.

However, Diaby hasn’t actually got many opportunities to serve his side as he has spent a large chunk of his nine years at Arsenal on the treatment table.

It’s been revealed that Diaby has sustained an astonishing 42 injuries during those nine years, which equates to a setback every 79.5 days.

What’s worse is his time unavailable adds up to 222 weeks, which is the equivalent of four YEARS on the sidelines.

Reports state that Arsenal are to let the player go this summer after a further four injuries this season, with his last suffered towards the end of November.

You can’t really blame the club, as this injury record suggests Arsenal should have cut their losses a long way back- is there any reason Diaby should stay?

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