The Tide Has Turned: 81% Of Fans Vote Wenger OUT In Survey


Arsenal fans are now overwhelmingly against Arsene Wenger staying at the club as 81% of over 1000 fans sampled voted for the Frenchman to leave the club.

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At the time of writing, 81% of respondents voted Wenger OUT in our poll earlier in the week. Considering the recent results, I’m not surprised to see Arsenal fans in favour of him leaving the club, but I am surprised to see how many are actually against him.

With over 80% for him leaving, that is a real majority. It means the atmosphere in the club will be very hostile.

Many Gunners turned against Wenger after he refused to strengthen in central defence and in defensive midfield in the summer. This was negligence from the Frenchman as he chose to ignore the obvious deficiencies in the Arsenal squad.

It seems the majority of fans have grown tired of Wenger’s antics and they will heap more pressure upon the boss if he fails to lead the team to a win against Borussia Dortmund.


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