Striker Set For Arsenal Return?


Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski, currently on-loan at Inter Milan, has dropped a hint towards his future.

Podolski has struggled to find form in Italy but defended his performances when talking to German reporters, whilst also suggesting his time in North London isn’t over.

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It is expected that Podolski would leave on a permanent deal this summer at the end of his loan spell with Inter Milan but the World Cup winner has suggested this may not be the case.

“At Inter there have been some negative situations, but I see the bright side in all of it,” he told Bild. “Also, it’s generally easier to criticise someone who comes on loan, as I did this winter.

“The chapter is not closed with Arsenal, because there is no purchase option. I was the first person to clear things up in the talks with Inter and say I didn’t want any kind of redemption clause.

“When you’re on loan you never know what can happen, so at the end of the season we’ll analyse things freely and decide the situation.”

With Arsenal reportedly in the market for a new striker it is difficult to see where Podolski would fit in back at North London, so there’s a way to go before his future his definite.

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