Should Arsenal loan out Serge Gnabry?


With the impressive start to the season all the media attention has focused on the magnitude and impact of the signing of Mesut Özil and the resilience that Mathieu Flamini has added to the side. Between the two of them they have been attributed to the improvement of all the Arsenal players this season. In particular Aaron Ramsey who seems to have been given a new lease of life this season with 11 goals already to his name. However the emergence of Serge Gnabry and his new five year contract has very much fallen under the media’s radar.

Serge Gnabry has undoubtedly made the most of his opportunities this season. The former VfB Stuttgart midfielder/winger scored his first professional goal this season against Swansea in a 2-1 win and chipped in with an impressive performance against Palace winning a penalty at a crucial time in the game. Additionally his brief appearance against Man United added the much needed pace to Arsenal’s game that was severely devoid in the game. His remarkable start to the season has not been missed by everyone as he has been nominated for the Golden Boy Awards 2013. This prestigious award has previously been won by Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi, Mario Gotze and Isco to name just a few. To take into consideration the fact that Gnabry is only 18 only reinforces what a bright future he has in the game.

Despite his great start to this season Gnabry still remains on the fringes of the first team. With the formation Arsenal play about 8 players are competing (without injuries) for the 3 positions behind the striker. Unfortunately Gnabry also falls into this bracket and with the return of Walcott and Podolski imminent Gnabry may fall even further down the pecking order. Arsenal may even add another striker in January, possibly even to play alongside Giroud and this may further limit Gnabry’s playing time. However the option of a loan period for Gnabry should be seriously considered. A host of premier league clubs would be interested and it would offer him regular playing time that he may not be possible at Arsenal.  The loan system has been exploited by Watford in recent times but it can have real benefits to up and coming players. Jack Wilshire really made his name and developed his understanding of the Premier league at his short stint at Bolton.He has became a mainstay in Arsenal’s midfield and has emerged as a senior England national team player. Likewise Daniel Sturridge’s loan spell at Bolton also had the desired effect with the ex-chelsea man now leading the line for his club and country. Moreover Townsend, Cleverly, Welbeck and Walker have additionally profited from the loan system.

Serge Gnabry has a promising future in the game so long as he applies himself. If he remains at Arsenal and doesn’t go on loan he must continue to impress and display the form that has put him at the forefront of  Arsène Wenger’s mind. If he does go on loan he must also show the array of talent he possesses. Watch this space because in a few years the German could become a star in this Arsenal team.

Photo by Kieran Clarke

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