Report Card: Olivier Giroud



Age: 28
Appearances (all comps): 36
Goals (all comps): 19
Assists (all comps): 4
Fresh Arsenal Season Rating: 7

Olivier Giroud has had another good season for Arsenal. His form in 2015 has been exceptionally good, but for a period of time before the turn of the year, he did struggle to find the net regularly. There is no doubting the Frenchman’s quality, which he has displayed so far in 2015, but he’s still clawing at the chance to be considered a ‘top’ striker. It becomes more and more apparent, especially when you consider the quality of his link up play, that he would benefit from having a strike partner up front with him, though how that would fit Arsène’s system, I’m not quite sure.

Given his form in 2015, it was a shame for him that he dipped a bit in the run up to the FA Cup final, which coincided with Theo Walcott staking a huge claim to start at Wembley against Aston Villa. Walcott did of course start that game and it was only in the 77th minute that Giroud managed to get on the field. For him, though, that’s all the time he needed to find the back of the net and score Arsenal’s fourth of the match.

Olivier Giroud has proven himself to be a real asset to Arsenal during his time at the club, and he proved it again last season. His strength, link up play and aerial ability all benefit the club, but he needs to be looking to hit the 25 goals for the season mark. Hopefully next season, with a few additions to the squad, he’ll do that.

Moment of the season- I think it has to be his goal in the FA Cup final. What player doesn’t want to score in a final to help their club win a trophy? It’s what the game is all about. The manner of the finish made the victory that much better as well. A lazy, boastful flick in to the near post.

Current Value: £17,000,000
Potential Value: £21,000,000

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