Mesut Ozil Makes a New Demand to Stay at Arsenal


It seems that this situation with the German international is going on since forever and one can only imagine what’s happening in the supporters’ hearts with all this back and forth drama surrounding Ozil. Just a few days ago, everything seemed lost in regard to the German attacker but now, a surprise demand seems to refuel the fire about him. But what would it take to keep the prolific midfielder still wearing the gunners red and not turning into a red devil?

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The Number 10 Jersey

Even though everything seemed over between Ozil, whose contract expires in the summer, and Arsenal, a surprise announcement circled the globe. Apparently, there’s still a chance for the German to stick with Arsenal under some specific conditions. First of all, he wants the number 10 shirt from Jack Wilshere. Secondly, he wants a consistent pay to raise from the 150000 pounds a week he earns now. He is now wearing the number 11 jersey and, apparently, that affects what many call his ‘money machine’. He established this brand back when he was at Real Madrid, where, after he wore the 23 jerseys, he finally got his way, receiving the number 10 as well. The midfielder that turned 29 this year clearly insists on the no. 10 jersey because it has strong links with his brand, even his Instagram account being m10_official.

Will Arsenal Do It?

Considering that Wilshere’s contract is also going to end in summer and that there are doubts about a renewal in that case as well, things are looking good for Mesut. When you add the fact that the gunners aren’t doing so well in finding a replacement for the German midfielder, it kind of says it all. This most-wanted number 10 shirt was not used since Robin van Persie left for Manchester in 2012. Then, when Wilshere joined the club, he managed to make quite an impression on Wenger so that the Frenchman gave him the number 10 shirt. But with all the injuries and health issues that he has picked up along the way, there a very good chance that Mesut will get what he wants. Things are even trickier for Arsenal as Alexis Sanchez is also with one foot out of the team and, just like with Ozil, the gunners still don’t have a clear replacement in mind.

More Arguments in Ozil’s Behalf

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Besides the fact that he is, clearly, in a far better for then Wilshire, there’s one more thing that could help him win this ‘battle’ against his colleague. It appears that someone from management can’t really picture Arsenal’s team without the German. And besides that, but this is only for the fans with a bit of OCD, he also wears the number 10 jersey at the German National team. There’s an interesting story on how he got to be number 10 there as well. Apparently, he had the same ambitions as he now has at Arsenal, however, he had to face Lukas Podolski there. And with a living legend like that, even a player like Mesut Ozil needs to understand that he has to take a step down. Instead, he just waited patiently for Lukas to retire and then he got his long-lusted number 10 kit.

It just seems that Mesut always gets what he wants, one way or another. This doesn’t really sound good for Wilshire but there’s one more ace up the sleeve of the Englishman. The fact that, already, a vast part of the Arsenal’s supporters started to not be able to put up with Ozil’s requests and are demanding for him to go. I Only time will tell what will happen eventually as it’s really a gamble at this point, kind of like playing slot games for real money in a casino. But without a strong replacement like Vidal, the German may enjoy another season with Arsenal at least.

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