Liverpool aren’t our rivals, but Spurs are a concern


To begin proceedings, I want to quickly summarise my feelings on Arsenal and Liverpool, and why ultimately, Suarez is better off with us. I’m sorry Liverpool fans, this isn’t an unprovoked, cheap shot, it’s been building. Some of you have become very hostile on Twitter, and it bothers me.

I don’t remember a time when so many Liverpool fans carried such a huge dislike towards Arsenal, both the club and the fans. And it’s all because of a transfer saga of which the fans have no control over.

The spearhead of the Liverpool fans Twitter attack seems to be, “why would Suarez move to Arsenal, they are no better than us,” and “No trophy in 8 years, no ambition.” That captures the feelings of most of the Merseyside fans I’ve come across on Twitter.

So, here are the answers. Suarez wants Champions league football, and the only fact that matters is that we are in it. No, we haven’t won it and yes, Liverpool have. But that is history, and history will not help Luis.

This season is the first time in years that we have managed to keep our team together and can look to sign new players without having to constantly keep in mind the possibility that one of our top players could leave. With the addition of players such as Suarez, the form we produced in the last ten games of the season can be replicated, improved upon and kept consistent.

Because of this, the club is stable and focused, and we are in a good position to build on our team. Financially, we are in a league of our own.

Finally, to put to the bed the, “We shouldn’t sell to our Rivals” talk, Arsenal fans do not consider Liverpool rivals. It has been a long time since Liverpool challenged us in the league and regardless of the new signings made by the red half of Merseyside, it will be a while before we have to contend with them again.

The above points are all relevant to our current quarrel with Liverpool. However, in just over three weeks I shall be attending the North London derby and, quite frankly, I am slightly concerned. We could continue to tell ourselves Spurs are inferior and we could continue to laugh at them, because, lets be honest, there is plenty to laugh at. But, right now, today, their team trumps ours.

Photo via andybrannan -
Photo via andybrannan –

Last season was far, far to close and we are no longer a world away from our neighbours. To add to the realisation that Spurs have caught up with us, they have used this summer to strengthen and they have strengthened well. We on the other hand, haven’t spent a penny. Of course, a lot of Spurs’ potential success hinges on Gareth Bale, and although he clearly wants a move to Real Madrid, we should not be relying on that.

It isn’t often that my confidence in Arsène Wenger wavers, but over the course of this transfer window, it has slightly. Not in the sense that I want him sacked, but more, can we really pull off top quality signings this late?

It’s five days until our first game of the season and whether or not Wenger does have a plan, it has been left uncomfortably late. There is no doubt that we need players, four top signings would make me a happy man. Yes, we beat City 3-1 in spite of their £90million summer spending spree, but a season is 38 games long, and squad depth is not something we can boast.

I’m sure Wenger has a plan, of course he does, he’s Le Professeur. I yet again fear I’m getting my hopes up following the news that Luiz Gustavo could be on his way to the Emirates, but, in our current situation, come the 1st of September when we once again welcome Tottenham to the successful side of north London, hope could be all we have. One feels another 5-2 victory could be out of the question.

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