Khedira And Tiote Linked: Top 3 Arsenal New Stories Of The Week


1. Khedira linked again

The first news story on this weeks list is a return to the on-going saga concerning Sami Khedira. I’m just as bored with it as you are, but the rumours seem intent on sticking around and until the window finally closes in a couple of weeks time, it looks like we’ll have to put up with them. The Metro has now reported that Khedira is (once again) set to fly to London in an attempt to ‘thrash out’ deals with both Arsenal and Chelsea. Obviously, this seems more than unlikely at this point, given that all the reports previously stating that Khedira was heading to Arsenal were clearly false. Their story this time focuses on ‘unsuccessful talks’ with Carlo Ancelotti as the reason that the Madrid man wants to leave. They also mention that Chelsea is the midfielder’s number one choice, given his history with Jose Mourinho. What they are trying to say is that really, they have no idea where he is ending up. However, putting his name and Arsenal in the same headline gets their website views. Bravo, Metro. Use the page numbers below to read the other articles.

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