Ian Wright Tips Premier League Manager To Replace Arsene Wenger


Ian Wright is never too far away from a controversial opinion when it comes to Arsenal, but this time he might have got a little too carried away.

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In his latest discussion with BBC Radio 5 Live, the former Gunners striker has urged Arsenal to go after Sean Dyche when it comes to replacing Arsene Wenger.

After celebrating 21 years as Arsenal boss, Wenger has just two more seasons to try and pull off a serious title challenge or risk his legacy falling down the pan in North London.

Unsurprisingly, speculation continues to cover the back pages as to who might step in to his shoes but Wright feels Dyche is a ready-made replacement already in the Premier League.

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The 46-year-old has been in the top position at Burnley since 2012 and after getting his side back into the top division has managed to look comfortable amongst the big boys.

Sunday was the most recent display of Dyche’s talent after he managed a well-organised team to beat Europa League challengers Everton 1-0, a result that took them to fifth in the table.

Sitting just one point behind Arsenal in the league, it sparked the question as to whether or not Dyche is ready for a new challenge having already been tipped for the England job.

However, Wright feels he could do with experience at a major club before making that leap and has no doubts that his record puts him as a viable candidate at Arsenal:

I believe he is somebody that needs to go, at some stage, to the next level.

Yeah (when asked if Dyche could replace Wenger). The fact is would they give Sean Dyche that job?

In respect to how his team sets up when they’re defending, he’s obviously got acumen – but will he get a job like that? I don’t think he will.

Dyche remains as one of the few English managers in the Premier League and in my opinion is a long way off from achieving such a huge step in his career.

Not only has Dyche had no experience in a club the size of Arsenal, he lacks experience and character that would shape this current squad to make the transition a lot easier.

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