German Engineering: Ozil’s Stats vs. Burnley

There was no sign of Mesut Ozil giving up his impressive run of form during the 1-0 victory over Burnley on Saturday evening.

The German ace popped up yet again with a stand-out performance, during a game in which Arsenal were, of course, expected to win.

The Gunners boss refrained from using the bench until the 82nd minute, which gave players like Ozil the chance to show he surely deserves a place in the FA Cup semi-final next week.

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WhoScored Rating: 7.43

Arsene Wenger utilised the German star back in the role he loves this weekend, as he played the full 90 minutes at centre attacking midfield.

Judging by his player rating, you can take confidence in the fact that he has found a consistency to his gameplay, which is something you expect for £42million.

Ozil topped the possession charts of everyone who played today, with a rating of 9.2, the best we’ve seen in the last three weeks.

Of the 688 passes made by the Gunners, Ozil completed 77 of them, including 62 key passes which inevitably finished off a pass success rate of 88%, which amazingly still didn’t top the charts.

In terms of dribbling, Ozil made four take-ons and mastered three of them, which shows his confidence is building yet again.

Although he only made one shot during the game, it was at a point where he could have just of easily crossed it, and if you know Ozil, you would expect him to do just that. The fact he shot instead shows us he is changing his game, and the hunger is there for himself to be selfish at times.

Mesut wasn’t man of the match today, but with the performance he gave he really didn’t need to be coated in glory again. His game was simple, confident and most of all he looked to lead the attacks, which is something we have missed in recent years.

You can bet your savings that he’s earned a starting place at Wembley next week, and in his current form there will hopefully be plenty of noise from the Gunners faithful all the way to the final.


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