Draxler: “You never know what happens in the summer but Arsenal is a very, very nice team.”


Long term Arsenal target Julian Draxler has once again spoken out about a potential move to Arsenal. The German has ruled out a January move, but talked up a summer move. He confirmed that whilst on international duty he has spoken to Mesut Ozil and Per Mertesacker, who ‘always have good words about the club’.

On a potential move in January he said: ‘No way. I won’t switch then.

He has also been linked with moves to Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United, but the grounded 20-year-old added playing time was at the forefront of his mind: ‘It’s very important for me to play nearly every game. For my club I have the chance to play nearly every game. Every summer I have to look what is the best for me and I will do that in the summer again. We will see what happens.

On Arsenal, Draxler talked up the club, saying he had heard only good things: ‘I have always said English teams are very big clubs and Arsenal is of course one of them. I sometimes speak to Mesut or Per about the team and they always have good words and they tell me nice things.

‘You never know what happens in the summer but Arsenal is a very, very nice team. They always have very young players, they play attractive football and that’s what I like.’

Photo by boomcha7

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