What do Casino Players Really Know about Football?


There are people making a lot of money by predicting how games will end, which is not a new phenomenon. Something quite interesting to note, though, is the growing number of regular casino players who have started betting on football games (it’s not just football games though, people can even bet on fantasy baseball games on sites like Draftkings if they wanted to). When an online casino opens a sportsbook or enables its users to pay using various methods, it’s already a hit on the platform. For instance, funfair.io bitcoin payments are preferred by users as it keeps their spend on the down-low. Back on topic, it’s much like it is easy enough to surf over from the slots to try your luck on the next Champions League game… but is it only luck? Perhaps the typical guy who likes drinking a beer and turning the cards on the poker machine has just what it takes to make it in sports betting…

Some say it has nothing to do with skills

There are those who claim that any form of betting is purely luck-based. However, just like there are people who have figured out mathematical systems for the roulette and blackjack played in the casino online, there are betting syndicates doing similar things. Just like someone can be paid to foresee what will happen on the stock market, you will find people hired to map out the coming football season. But to the average player of a casino this is hardly of much interest. At least not in the beginning.

When it comes to beginner bettors like the ones spilling into the odds section of sites from casino games, one can hardly discuss strategies. To most of these folks, it is just a hunch and a desire to see if it can actually bring in some money. When there is a nice bonus that allows for free betting, it is really a no brainer to just try it out. But does that mean that the new sport bettors are people without the necessary skills? Are they just burning their money?

From scratch cards and arcade games to football

It might sound like a joke, a person who enjoys mindless casino games every now and then thinks that he can make big dough on sports betting. But let’s stop and consider for a moment what else this guy likes to do in his spare time. That’s right, watch football games! In fact, English football is immensely popular in the world. That a person playing games on casino sites like Extraspel casino also watches Premier League games is not something out of the ordinary. An average Premier League game is being watched by about 12 million people in 212 different territories worldwide. This number is only expected to grow in the upcoming years.

Considering this, the leap from chance games to bets on football doesn’t seem all that far, and a regular person could indeed know quite a lot about previous games, the status of players and other things that will influence results. If there is natural talent and a knack for understanding the shape of players and teams, even a total newbie has a chance of making nice money on sports betting.

Let’s not forget the most important thing about football

Even as the dollar signs flash in people’s eyes, one has to remember the most important thing about football games, which is that they are there to entertain and to grant people more energy and joy in life. You can’t really compare this to casino games, although they are also meant for recreation. There is a lot more to football than betting on leagues.

Once the betting is enjoyable it doesn’t really matter if the person betting is an expert on Real Madrid or Barcelona. He simply enjoys having the chance to express his thoughts on the upcoming, or live game, by betting money on it. The bets don’t have to be huge to provide the entertainment which is so sought after. This is something that more and more casinos are grasping, and they are incorporating sportsbooks on their gaming portals, aiming to satisfy the need for regular casino players to get some of that thrill found in sports betting.

Going back to our original question of what casino players really know about football it appears they actually know a great deal. Will this translate to money? Not necessarily. There is also a technique to the betting and if the bettor is interested in learning this or not will determine just how successful he will be at the game. One of the best techniques to use to beat the bookies is matched betting. You can find out everything you need to know about that, so that you can start making money, at www.beatingbetting.co.uk. But regardless of interest in betting strategies and odds, the possibility of making fast and safe bets on upcoming games might actually lead to common people with an interest in football knowing a lot more both about the game and the bets on it.

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