Arsene Wenger’s Latest Actions Suggests He’ll Be Staying At The Gunners


Things are done by the book when it comes to Arsene Wenger, and as much as we know that we’re still searching for signs of where his future lies.

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The Gunners boss confirmed earlier this month that he would make his plans on whether to stay or leave the club known publicly during March or April.

And whilst we speculate whether the Frenchman will put pen to paper on a 22nd season in charge of the club, The Telegraph have reported a major update in the story.

It appears Wenger has turned down the chance to become the highest paid manager in football, with the British newspaper stating an offer was made from an unnamed Chinese club.

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According to the report, £3omillion a year was on the table and Wenger decided to turn it down in order to remain in charge of the club he has built over 20 years.

The offer was double what Pep Guardiola currently earns at Manchester City, but it seems no amount of money would have been good enough for Wenger to walk away.

It’s just more fuel to the fire in terms of where Wenger will be next season, with a two-year-deal that Arsenal have already stated is there for him.

However, given the power he’s build at this club, Wenger will ultimately make the decision on whether or not to stay, with fan’s pressure bigger than ever.

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Arsenal are out of the title race and Champions League before the end of February, meaning the FA Cup is his only chance to salvage something with this squad.

Personally, as much as I appreciate him and what he’s done, I now understand it’s time for him to move on and a more dominant figure to step into his place.

Too many members of this team have become comfortable with their position in the side and I’d imagine it’ll be a big summer for the Gunners chequebook if things are to change.

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