Arsene Wenger Sets Goalscoring Target For Ozil and Chamberlain


Arsene Wenger has encouraged Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to score more goals this season and told SkySports what targets they should be setting. 

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Wenger was responding to Thierry Henry’s claims that Karim Benzema’s extra goals would win Arsenal the title. Wenger suggested that his midfielders should be targeting more goals first:

“I don’t see why a guy like Chamberlain should not have an ambition to score 10 goals, Sanchez can score goals too.

“Ozil has to fix himself a target of at least 10. For a guy who plays behind the striker you want more from him on the goalscoring so we can a little bit share that.”

So 10 goals in all competitions each. Is that achievable? I certainly think so, especially for Ozil. If the German stays fit he will play at least 40 games this season, and I think he should have a goalscoring record of around 1 in 3 for the position he plays. 10 is a good base target that is very achievable for someone of his calibre, with a growing confidence in front of goal.

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Chamberlain already has his first after scoring in last weekends Community Shield. If he can force his way into the starting eleven more regularly then I expect him to also surpass the 10 goal mark. Goals are something that have really been missing from his game so far at Arsenal, but as Wenger says – there’s no reason why he shouldn’t score 10 a season.

Both players are expected to start against the Hammers on Sunday afternoon, will either respond to Wenger and score today?

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