Arsenal Open Talks With 100k p/w Forward But Is He Worth It?


Arsenal are reportedly in talks to extend Theo Walcott’s contract, with a wage of £100,000 per week being mooted in the press.

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The English forwards contract expires at the end of next season but should Arsenal be extending his current deal?

Walcott is a player who has always contributed heavily in terms of goals and assists. He has become very efficient in attacking areas, but as Lukas Podolski has shown, numbers don’t guarantee you game time with Arsene Wenger.

Walcott has been understandably rusty since returning from a long term injury, but over a year after his setback, he has failed to win his place back in the Arsenal team. As one of the clubs highest earners, should we renew his contract if he is only a bench player?

Personally I’m not a fan of letting talented players leave, but if we could sell him to a foreign club and invest the money in a better player, I’d be happy. I’d only be willing to sell Walcott to An English club if we were to get a better player in return. For example, £15million plus Walcott for Sterling – I’d love that.

I think Walcott is a great player, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if he left. Since the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, we’ve seen the benefits of hardworking wingers. Walcott is certainly not the best defensively, or the hardest working – so his presence in the side often leaves it unbalanced. He wants to play upfront, but in his few appearances there, I’ve seen enough to believe he will never be a top striker at least when he plays upfront alone.

I do however think he could do well with a partner upfront, so he’d probably evolve into a very useful striker for Liverpool, if he were to join.

What do you think? Should we sign up Walcott to another expensive long term contract? Or is his time up? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

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