Alexis Stunned By Arsenal Quality, Hails ‘Spectacular’ Midfielder


Arsenal superstar Alexis Sanchez has revealed he has been stunned by his side’s quality this season and had kind words for a particular team-mate.

Last summer’s recruit from Barcelona told Arsenal Player that he didn’t know all the players on Arsenal’s teamsheet- but was immediately impressed by what he found.

Sanchez also praised ‘spectacular’ Santi Cazorla, a player who has been vital for Arsenal this season- creating a deadly partnership with the Chilean.

“When I arrived at the club I didn’t know the players that well, but I was really surprised by everyone’s quality,”

“I am not saying this just because it’s my obligation to do it as a club player. Every Arsenal footballer has amazing quality. Being part of a team like this makes me very proud. I am willing to win many titles here.”

“Santi Cazorla is a spectacular player. You never know whether he will kick the ball with his right or left foot. Also, he moves with short but quick strides, which is a remarkable trademark too. Although I knew about his quality; playing alongside him makes me very happy.”

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