A look at whether Arsenal should try and sign Swansea’s Wilfried Bony


With the array of talent in Arsenal’s dynamic midfield, one can only ponder on the possibilities if a star striker was signed at the start of the season. After the failed attempts at signing Gonzalo Higuain and more controversially Luis Suarez, it was clear from the start of the season that Giroud as the main striker was going to be the reason Arsenal don’t win the Premier League. The biggest issue is his inability to score when being through on goal and his horrid record against the top 4. 22 goals this season is a fair return, but it’s the games he didn’t score which always garnered the backlash of the Arsenal faithful.

A different mould of player in Wilfried Bony is a much better alternative to Giroud. Arsenal fans would be unsatisfied with Bony being the only striker we sign but he could do a great job for the club, especially with the creative midfield of Arsenal behind him. Bony is strong and effective in the air, has quick feet and is calm in front of goal. Three attributes Giroud does not possess. With the amount of chances Arsenal create in every game, even the tight ones, Bony would thrive in the spotlight. Players like Mesut Özil, Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey are always looking to play the killer ball but with Giroud mainly having his back towards the goal, there is no movement. Without Theo Walcott making the runs down the wing, and with Giroud wanting to be a power figure rather than asking his midfield to place the ball in behind the defenders, Arsenal’s attack struggled.

At mid tabled Swansea, Bony has managed to score 25 goals in 47 appearances. He has 16 in the Premier League, which is the same amount as Giroud. Of course, everyone is expecting Arsenal to sign someone like Ballotelli or Mandzukic, and Bony alongside those signings would be a very promising attack force. But even if Arsene Wenger only managed to sign Bony, it already gives Arsenal higher hopes of winning the league. At Real Madrid, Mesut Özil had the luxury of getting the ball in midfield, looking up and seeing Benzema, Di Maria and the world’s greatest player Ronaldo making runs for him. With Ramsey and Walcott out injured, Özil looked up and saw a stagnant Giroud, and creative midfielders who aren’t meant to make runs in Cazorla, Rosicky and Wilshere. Bony can be a nuisance with fast paced runs behind defenders, he can dominate in the box from crosses and most importantly, score with more than one touch.

If signed alongside a world class striker, Arsenal should not have to worry about where the goals will come from.  And if signed as the only striker, the midfield has proven that without a strong contribution from Giroud, they can already win games so imagine what they’ll be able to accomplish with Bony who is a much better striker.

Photo via Conceited 2

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