7 Mistakes Fans Make When Betting On Arsenal

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The European football club is one of the most betted on sports in the world of betting today. That means fans all over the world are also all eyes on the performances of various teams (especially their favorites) every time the football season starts. In fact, the 2021 season is actually ongoing for the European League of Football (ELF), which commenced last June 19 and will end on September 5, this year.

One of the football clubs that has gained popularity among English football fans is the Arsenal Football Club (or The Gunners). Arsenal, who competes in every season of the Premier League, is perhaps one of the most successful squads in the history of English football.

Because of their standing in the football arena, many people bet on them. Meanwhile, as betting is a game of chance, you may not be assured of winning by betting on them. 

However, you can increase your chances of winning by avoiding these mistakes:

1. Not knowing the sport and teams inside out

The most important thing in betting on sport, or any team in this respect, is knowing the ins and outs of it.

You should know how the game works and you should have a full understanding of the probabilities that may occur after the game so you can strategize whether you’ll bet before or after the match.

Of course, that’s on top of tracking how well the team had performed during their last few games. You should know if they have offensively and defensively played; know if they played well in keeping possession or if they were lucky.

Taking note of these details will help you decide on your betting. You should put your best foot forward and don’t just rely on their performances from a few years back. Because no matter how good this team is, there will always be a time where the odds will not be in their favor.

2. Not having a betting strategy

In any betting game, a strategy is also an important factor that will help you increase your odds of winning.

Know the steps you’ll take and the track you’ll have to avoid. Decisions like whether you’ll go for a single bet or go for an acca (accumulator), or if you’ll bet on pre-match or in-play – such things should be among your strategies.

A good strategy wouldn’t only make your decision-making easy but will also increase your odds of winning.

3. Not understanding betting markets

The football betting market is primarily full-time or matches results. It’s simply about selecting one over the two teams to either win or draw.

One football match can have separate markets for betting on total goals scored, the correct score, handicap, goal scorers, both teams to score (BTTS), as well as the winning margin.

That should be among the important things you should know about betting markets. 

4 . Betting blindly

Betting blindly is a common mistake done especially by people who are new to betting or aren’t familiar with the betting processes. As emphasized, doing your research is very important before placing your bets.

Some people just place their bets as if betting on roulette. While sports betting is generally a game of chance, you may be able to predict the turnout if you research about the teams you’re betting on or by understanding the betting markets.

Don’t just bet on teams just because they are your “favorites”.

5 . Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is perhaps the most important thing to consider when betting, and most people fail to realize this.

It’s important to remember that you should only bet off the money you can only afford to lose. You should know your limitations and know when you’ve already spent enough for your gambling. Common mistake by people is that they just pull out cash from their savings without realizing how much it’s costing them. 

You can avoid committing such mistakes by setting aside some money in a separate account intended only for your betting.

6. Sticking to only one bookmaker

Another mistake that bettors also make is to stick to only one bookmaker’s odds

As you may know, loyalty from their customers is very important for bookies given the close competition in the betting business. They will take an extra mile just to lure you to only bet on them, and listening to them shouldn’t be your option.

While you’re not discouraged to bet on them, you shouldn’t bet ONLY on them. Research which bookmaker offers the best price for your market of choice. Also, check if there are any offers available for specific bets.

While the loyalty schemes of bookmakers can be alluring, you may prevent yourself from actually winning by sticking with them.

7. Always backing on the team

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with being loyal to your favorite team, betting on them may not be a good idea. Especially in an era where you can lay bets, and not just back them.

As mentioned before, no matter how strong Arsenal (or any of your favorite teams), there’s no guarantee that they will always win. Sometimes, your team may also go through a rough patch, or they just have an unlucky season, still sticking with them despite that may jeopardize your betting odds. 

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t let your emotions manipulate your betting decisions. It’s always fine to support your favorite team, but not to the expense of still betting on them despite their poor performances.

Whether you’re a diehard Arsenal fan or you just like betting on them because of how well they play, you should take note of the mistakes above so as not to commit them the next time you’ll bet on them. The tips aren’t exclusively for Arsenal fans, though, you can also apply them regardless of who you support in every ELF season.

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