5 Strikers Arsenal Could Still Sign: Who Would You Choose?


Arsène Wenger has yet again stated that Arsenal don’t need a new striker and that, in the current market, there is no striker better than those already at the club. Of course, he’s wrong. We know that, and he knows that. He puts a lot of faith in to his players and that is to be admired. However, given the recent news that Olivier Giroud could be sidelined with injury until the New Year, Arsène may be forced to move for another forward before the deadline. Here are five strikers the boss could still sign.

1. Edinson Cavani

The most expensive of the options open to Arsène. Cavani is what can only be describes as the ‘deadly striker’ that we’ve been crying out for. With our midfield behind him, teams would fear seeing his name on the team sheet. According to reports, Arsenal have previously bid for Cavani in transfer windows gone by, so it would seem that there is some interest there. Rumours have circulated that he is unhappy at PSG, so a move away from the Ligue 1 could be a possibility. The obvious stumbling block though, is the price tag attached to him. The transfer fee alone could reach up to £50million and his wages would most likely be in excess of £150,000 a week. Given that Arsène have already spent a large amount of money this summer, I doubt Cavani will be making his way to North London. Click below to see the other four strikers who could join Arsenal.

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