3 More Signings Arsenal Need To Make To Challenge In All Competitions


Wow. This is a tasty transfer window so far, very exciting, very weird. And there’s a long way to go, there’s more on the way, there has to be, things haven’t been this calm and ruthless since, well, um… The count so far is four, and all very good additions. We’re in a much better shape, with depth everywhere, and with the majority of our transfer budget still in tact, thanks to some savvy business on Arsenal’s part. Wenger’s so chilled about everything. I love it. Things are going to be good next year, there’s a great buzz around the club. Bringing in Chambers and shipping out Jenkinson, loan or permanent, shows a change in mentality with the club. Arsene is taking no prisoners this summer. Here’s hoping he goes one, no, three further. I want seem him really bite down now and finish the window with a bang, preferably Pogba/Carvalho shaped.

1. Matija Nastasic

Arteta and Flamini are not powerhouses, they can’t keep up when top teams storm out of the blocks and hit seven in a row. There’s an enormous, Vieira-sized, gap in the team. Fill it. Then we’re really talking about a team that can do great things. POGBA.  With capital letters. That boy is the present and future. He’s a monster of a player already, and at a measly 21 years of age that’s scary. Break the bank, do anything to get him, anything. If he’s available then Arsenal have to be in the mix for him. He’s too good. He’d turn the team into something special. If not Pogba, then go for someone similar, albeit not as good, yet more available: William Carvalho of Sporting Lisbon. Haven’t seen any of him, only that everyone who talks about him talks very highly, and there’s a general buzz around the boy. Carvalho is imposing, he’d be superb for us. We really do need a player of that type. We have all the other ingredients, (bar maybe a top, top striker) yet we go into every season with  the same hole; there’s no midfield general. That’s what this Arsenal team is crying out for. If not him, then stop messing around, and snap up Khedira, who’s playing up like a faulty light. On a tiny side not, it’s odd that we haven’t gone for Schneiderlin, rather than risk missing out on a defensive midfielder altogether. But then Arsenal is still Arsenal, and Arsene is still Arsene, so maybe it’s not that odd. Read about the other players suggested by clicking below. 

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