3 Reasons Why Debuchy Is A Better Signing Than Aurier


Sagna has gone…and left a gaping hole at right back. He was both defensively and offensively sound, and his experience was invaluable. Arsenal have been linked frequently and incessantly with both Aurier of Toulouse and Ivory Coast, and Mathieu Debuchy of Newcastle and France. Both are suitable candidates to replace Sagna, and both are being targeted by other clubs due to their quality and availability. For Arsenal, and the way they see the future of the club with Jenkinson and Bellerin waiting in the wings, it seems that Debuchy would be the better signing of the two, and there are various reasons as to why he’s a better and more viable option for Arsenal to consider.

1. Premier League experience

Debuchy is currently playing for Newcastle, and has been on Arsenal’s radar before, and now even more so, given his newly acquired Premier League experience and improved maturity; traits found in former favourite Bacary Sagna. Firstly, Debuchy is a ready-made player, and would seemingly slot straight into the Arsenal first team. His adaption period was over long ago, and his time at Newcastle would have only strengthened his physical and mental attributes of the game, given the frenzied pace of the Premier League. This is something that Aurier, if he came in Debuchy’s place, would have needed time to adapt to, not to mention he’s only 21 and still has a vast amount of improvement and maturing ahead of him. Debuchy offers no risk. Arsenal have had bad experiences in the past of bringing in players from foreign leagues who have painfully failed to adjust to the Premier League, and it’s very possible that this has come to Wenger’s mind in his search for a worthy Sagna replacement. And worthy is the key word here. Sagna was one of the best in his trade. Debuchy will come in and do the job, almost instantly, and very capably. He’d restore the lost experience in Sagna, whilst offering a good few years before departing to make way for Arsenal’s two promising right backs, Hector Bellerin, and Gooner born and bred, Carl Jenkinson – who I really hope makes it at Arsenal. Use the page numbers below to navigate through the rest of the article. 

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