Wenger Slammed for Old Trafford Game Selection, Wilshere Eyes AC Milan


Jack Wilshere’s decision to play for Bournemouth made little sense to anyone. Having turned down so many more lucrative opportunities to play for larger, more successful teams, no one thought much about the rumours that AC Milan was looking to sign Wilshere. However, anyone who doubted the odds of Wilshere eventually making it to AC Milan might have to reconsider their position (Click Here for updated Soccer odds).

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Word coming out of the grapevine suggests that Wilshere might have started coming around to the idea of playing for Milan. Wilshere is currently on loan from Arsenal to Bournemouth. By 2017, the 24-year-old will only have one year left on his contract.

At that point, Arsenal will have a choice; they will either sell him for a decent profit or let his contract run out, at which point they could lose him for free. Wilshere’s time at Bournemouth was relatively uneventful in the beginning. However, Wilshere quickly made his mark and is currently Manager Eddie Howe’s most critical player.

Meanwhile, back at Arsenal, Wenger is struggling to defend his team selection for the Manchester United game, this after his squad failed to deliver as expected. Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny, and Aaron Ramsey started the game and they did very little to help their team create chances at Old Trafford.

Arsenal managed to equalize, but only due to a highly fortunate shot on target. Coquelin and Elneny’s defensive abilities came under fire, though Wenger defended his selection, saying that he chose players with the physical abilities to fight when the need arose. Wenger also defended his players’ performance during the Manchester United game.

He said that, as far as he saw, everyone gave their all to the game and helped Arsenal hold Manchester United to a 1-1 draw.

Elneny needs to do more to prove his worth to the fans. The Egyptian Midfielder was bought for five million from Basel in January 2016; his discovery, according to Elneny, was completely fortuitous.

Arsenal Scouts had actually set their eyes on one of his teammates, and Elneny was fortunate that he made enough of an impression to draw and keep their attention, eventually finding his way to the Arsenal squad.

Elneny hasn’t struggled as much to settle at Arsenal, and he hasn’t forgotten the role Fabian Schar played in the advancement of his career. Schar always looked like the more talented player, and he was the one Arsenal scouts wanted to bring onboard.

However, they ended up taking notice of Elneny instead, which was a shock for the 24-year-old. Schar had been linked to Arsenal for a very long time. With the end of each new season, Schar’s move to Arsenal became more of a reality, until it became the norm for his teammates to continuously congratulate him for his place with Arsenal.

However, his fortunes changed very quickly. Elneny was surprised when his agent called and told him that the Arsenal scouts were so impressed by his performance that they had chosen to sign him instead.

Elneny needs to live up to the expectations of those scouts if he wants to win the fans over. Even Alan Shearer slammed Arsenal’s performance against United. As far as he is concerned, Arsenal was definitely second best during the Saturday game, though United was no better in failing repeatedly to take advantage of Arsenal’s mistakes.

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