Agent Talks Up Potential In Player Plus Cash Deal For Higuain


In the latest update in Arsenal’s pursuit of a top class striker, it is believed they will hold talks with Napoli over a mega deal for Gonzalo Higuain.

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The news has broken from Italian website, Football Italia, who are reporting that talks have ended amongst the clubs and a formal offer is set to be put down.

Whilst speaking to a national radio broadcaster Ciro Venerato, one of Italy’s famed football commentator’s said that the Gunners will meet with officials from Napoli on Thursday.

Talks between the two clubs have been positive, and now Arsene Wenger seems ready to land a big money signing to silence his critics and ultimately achieve a landmark campaign.

However, is this market is anything to come by then Arsenal will have to pay slightly over the odds in getting a striker they’ve been linked with over the past four seasons.

Venerato went on to add that Olivier Giroud could well be brought in to the deal to top up the £40million offered and provide Napoli with a quick fix for a replacement forward.

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Having watched Higuain over the last few seasons, I can happily say he’s proven his quality at the top and really does look like the sort of striker that ticks all the boxes.

People often comment on his age, but he’s only one year younger than Giroud and enjoying the time of his life out on the pitch, having smashed the Serie A goalscoring charts with 36 strikes.

According to reports, Arsene Wenger would be prepared to let go of Giroud in order to bring in a fresh face that is capable of handling the pressure of a title challenge.

Following those reports, Giroud’s agent Mickael Manuello came spoke to Radio CRC and confirmed that the idea of playing in the Serie A is something his client could be keen on.

If he was asked to leave, then we would evaluate our options.

There is no fear in Olivier possibly going to Napoli, it is a magnificent city.

In Campania, my client could live a wonderful life, not to mention that the type of game orchestrated by Napoli coach Sarri could enhance the quality of a centre-forward like him.

Now read into those comments as much as you like but I think Manuello is just trying to keep the Italian media happy and saying all the right things in doing so.

He’s got just the right balance of height and compsure which has allowed his touch to become exceptional, and working alongside world class players like Messi and Di Maria has never fazed him.

Whether or not I think he can handle life in the English game is another thing, it’s physical and he won’t be handed as much time on the ball with Arsenal’s one-touch intricate play.

But with a lethal finish like he has, there’s no doubting he’s capable of adding 20+ goals a season, which we all know is what gets you Premier League titles.

Various reports in the media are now beginning to pick up pace with this story, with Napoli’s president De Laurentiis expected to fly to London on Thursday to look over the formalities.

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With Giroud heading in the opposite direction it allows Arsenal to spend a little bit more on their man, and are willing to offer £6million a year to get him in a Gunners jersey.

Personally, I don’t see the Giroud part being anything to do with this deal as Wenger has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the Frenchman, who lit up Euro 2016 this summer with 3 goals and 2 assists.

Higuain has recently stated his desire to chase trophies and that promises have not been kept with him at Napoli, which has got him and his agent thinking.

English football is huge this year, and this could be his last big move to cement his legacy as a world class striker, but sadly any chance for the striker to make the switch will boil down to money, something Arsenal are never to good at negotiating with.

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