Latest Board Decision Shows Exactly What Is Wrong At Arsenal

So it’s the international break and Arsenal have the chance to figure things out over the next week with very little media pressure, right? Nope.

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Every inch of the club is being looked at, judged and scrutinised by fans and pundits across the country, meaning there is never an easy escape.

But the latest update form the Gunners board is one that hasn’t gone down well with anyone, especially considering the amount of uncertainty there is over Wenger’s future.

According to a report from London Evening Standard’s James Olly, who has great connections with the club, Dick Law will step down from his role this summer.

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Who’s Dick Law I here you ask? Well, he’s the guy that gets all of Arsenal’s transfers sorted whilst managing to stay behind the scenes.

Olley’s report states that over the last few months the relationship between Law and Arsenal’s Chief Executive, Ivan Gazidis, has broken down, and the pair rarely agree with one another.

This is just the latest pointer to how the Gunners board are way behind the times, and clearly if Gazidis isn’t a fan of something, he’ll make sure he gets his own way.

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You could argue that Dick Law knows the club’s transfer policy inside out and has been responsible for pulling off some of the biggest transfers inside the club.

His talents are often gone unrecognised and now Arsenal are getting rid of him in a shake up that hasn’t been seen since Wenger took over 20 years ago.

As well as Law stepping down, Arsenal will now search for a new Director of Football that will oversee a lot of the direction that the club need to take in the near future.

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