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Can You Buy Arsenal Tickets Without Being a Member?

The majestic Emirates stadium is without a doubt one of the best stadiums to visit if you are a football fan, even more so if you are a gooner fan.

As big games approach, you will notice the rush to secure tickets increases significantly. Many fans have at one point or another wondered – is a season/club membership my only option at securing Arsenal tickets?

The waiting list for such a membership will knock you off your feet, and if you want any chance of seeing a big fixture soon then you need to at least consider other options.

Membership (The Preferred Route)

The first thing to note is that if you can get a hold of one of the range of memberships that Arsenal offers, you will be better off.

The team offers a number of different options to cater for a range of different audiences, like local fans and international enthusiasts. 

Each type of membership will have its own pros and cons, so you should read the relevant literature on the Arsenal FC website to identify which option, if any, is suitable for you.

Arsenal offers a range of memberships catering to diverse audiences, from local enthusiasts to international fans. Each category has its unique benefits tailored to enhance the fan experience.

Below we have listed some of the (obvious) pros of getting a direct membership and some of the cons.


  1. Priority Access – Members will often get first dibs on new arsenal tickets, meaning that you don’t miss out and get to see the action at the biggest and best games.
  2. Guaranteed Authenticity – Tickets bought directly from the club will always be legitimate. You can’t underestimate just how much of a pro this one is.
  3. Membership Benefits – Members can benefit from everything from exclusive events to merchandise discounts. An official membership comes with several perks.
  4. Ease of Purchase – The buying process is incredibly simple for members, and you will know everytime where to go to see if you can purchase your next set of tickets.


  1. Membership Fee – There’s an annual fee, it isn’t cheap, and you can guarantee that prices are going to be steep. If you only intend to attend a few games every year, the fees could eat you alive.
  2. Sell-Out Risk – For very high-demand matches, like semi finals, even members can miss out if they don’t buy quickly. You will be competing with every other listed member for the most desirable tickets.

General Sales (An Occasional Opportunity)

For the occasional watcher or the spontaneous planner, the general sale can provide a short-lived opening.

It is worth noting though that if you are looking to consistently acquire Arsenal tickets, this may not be the best option.


  1. No Membership Needed – Like the name suggests, anyone can buy.
  2. Direct Club Purchase – Buying directly ensures ticket legitimacy. Similar to holding an official membership.


  1. Rarity – Big matches seldom have tickets available for general sale. You can’t count on these.
  2. Last-Minute Scramble – The unpredictability will lead to a last-minute scramble for tickets, especially on high profile games.
  3. Higher Costs – You may find that prices tend to be inflated compared to member rates, which are already steep!

Third-Party Platforms (Digital Marketplaces)

Modern technology has resulted in many third-party digital marketplaces being created which offer Arsenal tickets for resale.

These can offer a great user experience, including seating plans and stadium guides, however you should anticipate the odd unscrupulous seller listing on such marketplaces and inflated prices for popular matches.


  1. Availability – These platforms know where to find tickets. Sometimes they will be the only place to buy tickets, especially for sold-out matches.
  2. Selection – Multiple sellers will mean a lot of choice in seating and price.
  3. Competitive Pricing – Some people who know they can’t use their ticket anymore might sell below face value, so discounts can be found. Keep an eye on the Arsenal ticket prices across platforms like Ticketgum to make sure you don’t miss any last minute deals.


  1. Legitimacy – Whenever individual sellers are involved, there is always the risk of counterfeit and/or duplicate tickets being listed. Watch out for scams and do your own research.
  2. Higher Prices – Although discounts can be had, you will also find that a small number of tickets are being sought after by a relatively small number of fans, so ticket prices can skyrocket.
  3. No Club Benefits – One obvious con is also that buying here means that you may be missing out on some great club benefits that come with a direct club purchase.

Hospitality Packages (A Premium Experience)

For those with a bigger budget to play with or working for a generous company, you always have the option to look for hospitality packages.

Naturally, not as many are able to capitalise on such an offering so, if you can, you may just find that this is your best route to purchasing your own Arsenal tickets.


  1. Guaranteed Luxury – Beyond just the excitement of the match, you can expect fine dining, potential player meet-and-greets, and more.
  2. Availability – Even for high-demand matches, you are likely to find some hospitality packages available. There simply aren’t as many people looking at these prices.
  3. No Membership Needed – Open to anyone willing and prepared to pay the price.


  1. Price – Naturally, the hospitality package will be significantly more expensive than regular tickets.
  2. Not the Most Authentic – Some football purists do say that all of the added bells and whistles distract from the event and take away from the heart of the game.

Touts & Unofficial Sources (Approach with Caution)

Have courage, have caution, and only as a last resort.

We really wouldn’t recommend messing with ticket touts/scalping.

Not only can this land you in trouble, but they are notoriously unreliable and high risk.

Often you’ll find them outside of the stadium, shouting about the great tickets on offer. Only, if they were to make it off with your money where would you be left?

You have no protection when dealing with ticket touts, especially in person and paying in cash.


  1. Last Resort Option – Should you absolutely need a ticket, they may be the only option at the last minute.
  2. Negotiable – Prices can be haggled for the smart shopper, particularly for lower demand games.


  1. High Risk – Counterfeits and scams are the norm in this racket.
  2. Unethical – Supporting unofficial channels can be harmful to the game, the team, the players, and the sporting industry more generally.
  3. Legal Issues – In some places, buying from ticket touts is illegal.

You are better being safe than sorry, and steering clear of any arsenal ticket touts.


Getting your hands on Arsenal tickets is not easy, and if you don’t have a membership will require you to have your wits about you while moving quickly.

Make sure wherever you are getting your tickets from, they’re coming from a trusted and reputable source. 

Read online reviews (when applicable), and expect higher prices if you aren’t getting your tickets directly from the club itself. 

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