Arsenal Will Stop Winger From Playing International Football This Summer


According to reports breaking in the African media today, Arsenal will not allow Alex Iwobi to take part in the Rio Olympics this year.

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After enjoying a breakthrough season with the Gunners, Iwobi was called up to the Nigerian national team and was then offered a place at Rio later this summer.

However, a source close to the 19-year-old has told that he will not be allowed to play in the Olympics due to it running so close to the start of the season.

It’s not yet known the reaction Iwobi has had to this decision but we expect the news to be made public soon, but the impression from this source is that he isn’t happy with the news.

Arsenal have taken a decision on Alex, he will not be going to the Olympics with Nigeria.

The boy himself is very disappointed because he wanted to be in Rio, but Arsenal have the final say on this matter because the competition is not on the FIFA calendar.

They want him to start the new season with them.

It was believed that Arsene Wenger had no real issues with Iwobi missing the beginning of the campaign, but this seems to be another drastic decision made by the boss.

His policy in the transfer market has already changed with buying stars early this time, and now it seems he wants all of his players prepared to mount a title charge.

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Arsenal were originally satisfied with Iwobi linking up with the Nigerian squad, who were training in a camp in the USA, where the Gunners will be taking part in a pre-season tour.

Iwobi has never shied away from his pride of representing his country at a major tournament and this update will be hard for him to take, but he will know club football comes first.

He instead should see this as good news with Wenger planning his team around the winger being fit and ready, which if our wingers stick around will provide even more competition.

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