This £40m Rated Star Could Be Emery’s Best Signing For Arsenal


Having sold Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, Arsenal could do with the signing of another left winger who can also play as a centre-forward when necessary. You know, like Sanchez was doing.  Let’s be honest, we can’t do really well next season unless we bring in another wide forward. Look at Liverpool with Salah and Mane, Manchester City with Sane and Sterling, who do we have?

No disrespect to Danny Welbeck but I think he should be sold. In fact, I am hoping he will have a great world cup to give him some value. If we are able to get £20 million for him we should take it and reinvest in the summer.

And we have been linked with the signing of many wingers in recent weeks. However, one winger I would really like us to buy is Anthony Martial of Manchester United. Martial is no doubt a very good player who happens to find himself being managed by the wrong manager – not to disrespect Jose Mourinho but well, yeah to do that.

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The Transfer Hound’s hot-o-meter ranks Martial as the third most talked about player in relation to transfer right now on social media network twitter which is not a surprise. Since the news emerged that the Frenchman would like to leave Manchester United both Manchester United fans and fans of other clubs have been talking about him.

I am sure he will be a good fit at Arsenal. He certainly needs to leave Manchester United for a fresh start and Arsenal will offer him that. He is better than what we currently have and the fact that he can play both left and right wing means he and Mkhitaryan can easily exchange positions in-game to confuse our opponents.

His signing, it if happens, would also help Iwobi who could do with someone to learn from and push him for a starting spot. It will however not be easy to sign a player from Mourinho but it should be easier with Wenger no longer the manager of the club. And our businesses with them in recent years could help make the deal possible.

The Gunners have made some good signings so far, and when confirmed, the signing of Lucas Torreira will be excellent. However, if we manage to get Martial, it would be a real coup.

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Manchester United reportedly paid £36m to sign him from Monaco few years back although they will want some profit on that, I firmly believe Arsenal can sign him for around £40m and considering he is only 22, that would not be too expensive.

Imagine having Martial, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Aubameyang in the same line up? That should score a lot of goals. Go for it, Unai.