3 Reasons Per Mertesakcer Is The Perfect Captain


With speculation of Thomas Vermaelen leaving there has been a debate on who should be captain.

Arsenal have had some fantastic captains throughout the years, referred to as Mr. Arsenal, Tony Adams dedicated his entire Footballing career to The Gunners. He became Arsenal’s youngest ever captain in 1988 aged just 21 years, eventually leading the Club to nine major trophies, including League titles in three different decades. In 2002, following the retirement of Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira took over as Club Captain. He was already a fan favourite, impressing the Arsenal faithful since his displays in 1996.

While Thomas Vermaelen likely to leave, Per Mertesacker is the clear choice to become the next Arsenal captain even though vice captain, here are 3 reasons on why Per Mertesacker should be captain in the season of 2014/2015.

1. He is a leader

With comparisons to Tony Adams, he is one of very few leaders in the team, he is someone who will drag his team when they aren’t playing well. Per is also not afraid not shout has his team mates when they are not doing their jobs which would be beneficial on the the likes of Jack Wilshere and who look to be captain in the future. Per Mertesacker was seen berating midfielder Mesut Özil as the latter left the pitch for not acknowledging the Arsenal away fans at the 6-3 defeat against Manchester City it was the passion in which Mertesacker displayed during the confrontation was definitely noteworthy. 

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