Saturday, June 15, 2024

3 central midfielders Arsenal could sign to move on from injured-plagued Partey

With the long-term futures of Jorginho, Mohamed Elneny, and Thomas Partey clouded in doubt, the Gunners are faced with the challenge of finding midfield reinforcements capable of not only filling these voids but also elevating the team’s overall play. This situation calls for a strategic approach in the transfer market, focusing on players who can bring a blend of skill, tactical adaptability, and consistency. In this context, three names stand out as potential signings and all have been linked to the club in recent weeks and months.

  1. João Palhinha

    The Portuguese midfielder, currently showcasing his prowess at Fulham, has quickly adapted to the demands of the Premier League. Known for his defensive capabilities, Palhinha excels in breaking up opposition play, a skill that would be invaluable in Arteta’s system which often requires midfielders to transition quickly between defence and attack. His ability to read the game and make crucial interceptions, coupled with his competence in distributing the ball effectively, makes him a well-rounded candidate. Moreover, his physicality and aerial presence could add a new dimension to Arsenal’s midfield, offering an edge in set-piece situations.

  2. Amadou Onana

    Everton’s Onana, another player with an imposing physical presence and technical finesse, represents the archetype of a modern central midfielder. His ability to cover ground quickly and engage in physical duels would provide Arsenal with much-needed robustness in the midfield battleground. Beyond his defensive attributes, Onana is also proficient in progressing the ball, either through driving runs or insightful passes, traits that would complement Arsenal’s style of play which often involves quick transitions and fluid ball movement. At just 22, he is one of the younger options available to the club.

  3. Martín Zubimendi

    Although Zubimendi is not a part of the Premier League cadre, his performances for Real Sociedad have not gone unnoticed. His style as a deep-lying playmaker is reminiscent of the roles played by Jorginho, making him a potential replacement. Zubimendi’s vision and ability to control the tempo of a game are exceptional, and his defensive acumen ensures he is not a liability when the team is out of possession. His experience in Spanish football and European competitions could also bring a valuable perspective to Arsenal’s midfield, offering tactical versatility and a different kind of footballing education.

In addition to their talents, each of these players brings a level of experience and maturity that could be instrumental in a team like Arsenal, which blends youthful exuberance with seasoned professionals.

As Arsenal look towards building a squad capable of sustaining challenges across multiple fronts, these players represent viable options to strengthen their midfield. Their acquisition would not just be about filling gaps, but also about bringing in quality that can enhance the team’s overall performance and help in laying down a marker for the future. The task ahead for the Arsenal management is to identify which of these talents aligns best with the club’s long-term ambitions and playing philosophy, ensuring that any addition is not just a stop-gap but a strategic fit for the club’s aspirations.

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