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Better Than Matic! Coquelin Stats v Chelsea

Arsenal were unable to get one over Jose Mourinho at the Emirates today, in a match where it was unsurprising to see the Blues defend for their lives. However they did get forward at some points- only to be prevented by the outstanding Francis Coquelin.

Coquelin has been a stand-out performer this calendar year and he showed his class once again against the league leaders- which proved he can do it against the best, after he had done similar against Manchester City and Liverpool.

Calm on the ball, Coquelin was successful in 92% of his passes as he provided the bridge between defence and attack. He picked up on loose balls, flew into tackles- and almost broke Eden Hazard, which is always a bonus.

A 67% success rate in aerial duels is also a decent return, whilst he mad five interceptions throughout the game. Three fouls is standard for the position he plays in and he was unfortunate to pick up a booking, after Hazard went to ground easily.

Compared to his opposite number Nemanja Matic- who is considered to be the best in the league in defensive midfield, Coquelin came out on top- with a better passing percentage, a better tackle success rate, more interceptions and more blocks.

Coquelin will be key to Arsenal in the remaining games of the season and heading into next year’s campaign.

  • Sir Cecil

    A team and manager that cannot beat another team and manager from the same league in THIRTEEN attempts, can only be described as laughing stocks. Anything anyone associated with Arsenal has to say about this game will be drowned out by the laughter emanating from West London. Raucous laughter. Growing louder and louder with every failed attempt by Arsenal and Wenger to win a single game against Mourinho. Like I said, laughing stocks. Pure and simple. And inarguable. Enjoy the Player of the Year Awards tonight.. Hazard of Chelsea and, Young Player of the Year Kane, from Tottenham. The laughter grows by the minute!

  • Funny that we have to listen to clubs with no history. Arsene Wenger has won more English League titles than Chelsea FC.