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Writer for Fresh Arsenal. Preacher of Kieran Gibbs. Love to read and write. Big on films. Watching Arsenal is sometimes enjoyable, but mostly painful.

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Player of the Season: Mesut Ozil

I would have liked to have seen out the remaining games of Arsenal’s season, but there isn’t a player worth the attention. The entire club for that matter. Embed from Getty Images It’s good that people aren’t attending the game on Thursday, whether due to protest or boredom, both are better than nothing, better than hopeless banners. The club needs ...

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Player of the Week: Mohamed Elneny

Overall it’s been an improved week from Arsenal, albeit not in all aspects. I still think the team is a bit all over the place, and I still think Wenger’s at the heart of the problems. Embed from Getty Images But I doubt anything is going to change, not soon enough for next season anyway, and no banner protest is going ...

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This Striker Must Start Against Manchester United Following Hull & Barcelona Showings

The Hull City game was shocking but in a completely predictable and very Arsenal way. Making so many chances in a game is encouraging, but look at how many the players miss and it becomes clear that they just don’t play with their heads. Embed from Getty Images They’re so fluttery at times, painfully illustrated when Barcelona showed what this ...

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Player of the Week: Danny Welbeck

There’s your fairytale! screams the commentator, the crowd go wild, I’m out of my seat screaming. Wow. What a moment. Season defining. There’s nobody to confirm this but I said he’d score a last minute header… because he’s Super Danny Welbeck, and he’s not called super for nothing. Embed from Getty Images He’s a hero. Has been ever since he ...

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