Mesut Ozil Will Leave Arsenal & Campbell Is The Highlight In Terrible Week


Even by Arsenal standards, the current state of affairs is quite spectacular. This will be a short mess of a post, similar to Arsenal’s title charge. No… Perhaps not that bad. It is a shambles and it is down to one consistency. That consistency is Arsene Wenger. The players change every year, so they can’t be the problem. Another manager would do wonders with this crop of players. They’re not playing for anybody. They don’t look like a team that knows what they’re doing. There is no sign of instructions. The players on Wednesday gave up the moment Swansea equalised.

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They didn’t believe. They don’t believe. It looks like they’re simply going through the motions. Anyway, the best player on the pitch was Joel Campbell and he was replaced as a result of Wenger’s own shameful arrogance.

He should have been starting for weeks now, and Wednesday finally saw Wenger cave in, but even then the Arsenal manager limited Joel to barely an hour of football before withdrawing him for being the best player on the pitch. And that right there is the problem. Wenger has lost it. He’s lost the title. He’s lost the crowd. He’s lost the players. There’s no defence for him. He has to go. But he won’t, and we’ll have another season of nightmares waiting right around the corner, fun, fun, fun. Right from the start, Campbell showed the willingness that so many have lacked in recent weeks. He looked bright and was full of ideas, and even confidence, which is surprising given how little faith Wenger has in him as an Arsenal player. Again this shows how out of touch the manager has become. Campbell skipped past players and was a constant threat, not just in the build-up to his goal, but all the way until he was replaced by Welbeck. I have no problems with Welbeck coming on, but not for the most effective player on the night. Sanchez should have gone, he tried hard but was, in the end, disappointing. Joel grabbed his goal from a delightful ball from Alexis, which still wasn’t enough to hide the rest of his performance. He’s a shadow and he looks lost at the moment. Wenger shouldn’t be playing him. The finish from Campbell was exquisite and everything seemed to be going Arsenal’s way… until they stopped for the whistle like schoolboys and were fittingly punished by a largely mediocre Swansea. It’s astonishing how easy the players lost at home to a team fighting relegation. The players didn’t want to fight back, they don’t care. And we know Ozil’s leaving in the summer so I don’t suppose he cares much either. He’s been the player of the season. His best in any campaign. And he’s been let down by a team and manager not up to scratch. He won’t stay.

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Oh, I’d be surprised if Tottenham didn’t turn Arsenal over on Saturday. And to tell you the truth, I’d welcome it. Anything to hammer the nail further into Wenger’s managerial coffin. Yes, I said it. But I don’t care about winning or losing. I don’t care about the derby. I don’t want to sit through another season under Arsene Wenger. He could have gone out on a positive note, but his own delusional arrogance has cost him the season that should have been. It’s not about money. That will make no difference. Leicester don’t have money. I don’t want Wenger to have £75million to spend in the summer. I don’t want Wenger to be in charge of the players coming into Arsenal. His ideas are stale. There needs to be a change.

That’s it. I’m cutting off this post like Joel Campbell.

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