3 World Class Players Allegri Could Bring To Arsenal If He Joins


3 – Paulo Dybala

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This is a dream signing and a very unrealistic one – but, should Alexis Sanchez decide to leave Arsenal this summer, then some kind of swap deal could be viable. Dybala has thrived under Allegri playing just behind the main striker, Gonzalo Higuain. Dybala is a former Arsenal target, but since his move to Juventus he has taken his game to the next level and his value has now soared. I doubt Juventus would even respond to offers below £50million, but if Arsenal have an unhappy Alexis, perhaps something could be done. Dybala would thrive in a two-man attack, perhaps alongside Danny Welbeck, Lucas Perez or Olivier Giroud. Where would that leave Mesut Ozil? Well he could also be on his way this summer if rumours are to be believed.

This move seems unrealistic but if Ozil and Alexis are sold this summer, they are likely to raise around £80million between them, so the Gunners would have a significant budget to find replacements, and should Allegri arrive, they will have the pull of Dybala’s former manager to offer.

These three signings would easily cost in excess of £100million, but should players leave then Arsenal are likely to have well in excess of that to spend.