Wenger Gets Angry At Reporter: Arsenal Tweets Of The Week


Each week I’ll be bringing you Arsenal Tweets of the Week. This is a roundup from a small selection of Arsenal-related tweets as chosen by me. However, I feel I should warn you that there’s not too much good news circulating after our first foray back onto the football pitch after the international break.

This was certainly an uncomfortable interview by Jacqui Oatley with Arsene Wenger after Saturday’s draw against Hull City. What a shame Arsenal’s defending isn’t quite as defensive as Wenger; maybe we wouldn’t let in quite as many goals. How do you think Arsene handled the questions? I found him quite rude at times and clearly unable to handle a direct question on more than one occasion.

Disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed and that was just Arsene Wenger. Having seen lots of tweets post-match on how the majority of Arsenal fans currently feel towards Wenger I can only summarise in one word. Wenger you were well and truly dissed by the fans! This article certainly sums up how the season ahead looks. Unfortunately for us it’s pretty much a groundhog day.

This simple line drawing also sums up Arsenal’s performance on the pitch – in other words all over the place!

Short, but definitely not sweet. When all is said and done there’s not much more to say really is there? I’m sure a few of you could give me a one-word summary (please try to keep it clean though).

Hot off the press, rather than the football pitch, comes the news that UEFA have fined Galatasaray €50,000 (approximately £40k) and ordered them to contact Arsenal within 30 days to settle the fine. There had been talk that Arsenal could well be fined for the lapse in security that allowed the Turkish fans to make it into the stadium with flares but this time we escaped unpunished. Maybe UEFA felt that the damage caused by the visiting fans was enough punishment.

Should I stay or should I go? Will he? Won’t he? Not for the first time Lukas Podolski didn’t make it on the bench. There have been many rumours about his departure for pastures new (rather than being put out to pasture as seems to be happening at the moment) but, assuming Tottenham do eventually get their new stadium, Poldi’s ruled out playing for “The Scum”.

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