‘Wembley Is Our Second Home’: Fans React To Victory Over United


It looks like it’s time to get my “She Wore” t-shirt out of the cupboard again. Arsenal, who were playing in their third kit, are on their way to the Wembley after beating Manchester United at Old Trafford in the quarter-finals. It’s definitely onwards and upwards for the Gunners in the semi-finals as we’ve been drawn against Bradford or Reading, depending on who wins in their forthcoming replay.

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What a wonderful game of football was played out tonight except for the obvious diving by the Manchester United fans; and I don’t see how anyone could accuse that remark of being in any way biased. Nacho Monreal took Arsenal ahead in the 27th minute before Wayne Rooney pulled back the equaliser in the 30th minute. However, Danny Welbeck has to be the hero of the hour (or 90 minutes) with his 63rd minute shot that put us ahead again. Poetic justice – that’s what it was. A total of 9 yellow cards were issued by Michael Oliver; seven to Manchester United and two to Arsenal. Di Maria’s dive earned him the sixth yellow card of the match, dissent the seventh and Manchester United were down to 10 men for the final period of play. Whilst Arsenal were unable to increase their lead, they did manage to stop United from getting a late equaliser.

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